Aviso Legal

1.1. Identification data

Fulfilling the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11 regarding services of the information society and electronic commerce, the necessary data are provided below of the owner of the www.restforderest.com website (hereinafter, the “Website”), the service provider:

– Company name: REST FORDEREST, S.L.
– Address: Avenida Diagonal, 534, Entresuelo Dcha., Barcelona (08006)
– Email address: rfr@restforderest.com
– Telephone:
– Barcelona: +34 935 454 020

1.2. General Terms of Use

These general terms of use and browsing (hereinafter, the “Terms”), are intended to regulate the relationship between REST FORDEREST (hereinafter RF), that is, the owner of the Website, as the service provider, and the Users that access, browse, and benefit from the service offered.

RF provides general information about the owner of the website, as well as the services offered (hereinafter, the “Content”).

If you continue browsing and making use of the services offered through this Website, you accept without reservation of any kind, these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy.

RF reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time at its sole discretion, so it is advisable to review them periodically.

1.3. Intellectual and industrial property

1.3.1. Legal protection of contents

RF is also the owner of the exploitation rights of the Website’s intellectual and industrial property. This includes all Content and elements (including, text, images, audio and video) available from the Website, as well as those it has in third party sites either because they are its property, or because it has obtained the appropriate rights for their use. Likewise, RF has obtained the appropriate authorizations with respect to image rights of those who appear on its Website.

The total or partial reproduction, copy, or distribution of the Content is forbidden without the express authorization of RF. User access and browsing shall under no circumstance be understood to imply a total or partial waiver, transmission, license or transfer of said rights by the owner of the Website. Likewise, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, transmit, use, process or distribute in any way all or part of the Contents and elements of the Website for public or commercial purposes, if it does not have the express written authorization of RF.

Therefore, according to the previous paragraph, Users may, in addition to viewing the Content and elements of the Website, print, copy or download them provided that they are exclusively for their personal and private use.

The use of RF contact data (postal address, telephone number, email address) to send any type of commercial communication is also prohibited, unless previously authorized, according to the applicable regulations.

1.3.2. Associated trademarks and logos

The trademarks on the Website belong to RF or third parties with their authorization for use on the Website.

Those who browse the Website are prohibited from using such trademarks, logos and distinctive signs without the authorization of the owner or license to use them.

1.4. Responsibilities

1.4.1. Suspension of the Website

Website functioning is based on servers of service providers connected through public and private communication infrastructures.

RF will do everything possible to guarantee its proper functioning. However, it cannot ensure that there will not be interruptions for technical reasons to perform repairs and/or maintenance or due to lack of coverage or failure in the system and/or networks necessary for data transmission, which are beyond its control.

Thus, access to the Website may be suspended due to force majeure (unforeseeable causes or if planned or foreseeable, are inevitable) such as those mentioned below including, but not limited to:

a. Failure in electrical or telephone network supply
b. Virus attacks on the servers that support the Website
c. User error in accessing the Website
d. Fires, floods, earthquakes or other acts of nature
e. Strikes or labour disputes
f. War or other situations of force majeure

RF is exonerated from any type of liability if any of the circumstances indicated in this stipulation materialize.

1.4.2. User’s liability

Accessing and browsing the contents of this Website are liable according to the provisions of legislation and the applicable ethical codes, as well as the terms contained in these Terms of Use.

The breach of any of the norms included in these Terms or of the legislation on which they are based, will result in liabilities to RF and/or to third parties for any damage that could be caused as a result of this non-compliance, regardless of whether this implies the materialization of an unlawful act, an administrative sanction, an infringement or an offense, and will entitle RF to, where appropriate, demand liability in the corresponding civil, administrative, labour or criminal areas.

1.4.3. Owner’s liability

RF, as the owner of the Website, is not liable for any damage caused because of a breach of the above-mentioned norms, or for the alteration in the User’s systems.

Likewise, it does not assume any liability for unlawful interference by computer viruses or any other source, the improper use of the Website, or security errors caused by the incorrect operation of the User’s systems.

1.5. Obligations

Users may not, at any time, modify, alter or delete any data, information, content or element that is included in the Website.

Users must use the services provided in a diligent, correct and lawful manner, not being able, under any circumstance, to disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, pornographic, or xenophobic nature, or that in general advocates criminal, violent, or demeaning acts for people and fundamental rights.

Software, viruses, malware or any other harmful agent for computer systems that may damage or alter RF or other Users’ devices or terminals may not be included.

The User shall be solely responsible for the damages that may be caused by breaching the terms and obligations set forth in these Terms.

Lastly, it is forbidden to transmit, include or disseminate publicity of oneself or of third parties through any means available on our Website if RF’s express authorization has not been previously obtained.

1.6. Hyperlinks

On our website, there are currently no hyperlinks to third-party websites. If in the future there were, we inform you that references made to third-party websites would be merely informative. RF will not develop or administer said pages or be the owner of the Internet addresses, unless expressly indicated. Therefore, RF will not be liable for the content that they have or for the damages derived from said access or for those generated by the services they provide.

RF authorizes the establishment of links and hyperlinks from other websites. However, anyone who intends to establish a link between his website and the Website will do so observing the following terms:

a. The website on which the link is established will not contain illegal information or content, contrary to morals, good customs, public order, or any third-party rights.

b. It will not be declared or implied that RF has expressly authorized the link or has previously supervised, assuming or recommending in any way, the services offered or made available on the website that establishes the link to the Website. It is therefore recommended that when browsing on the Website, you should be cautious in evaluating and using the information, content and services in the linked sites.

c. Establishing the link does not imply, in any case, a relationship between RF and the owner of the website on which said link is embedded.

1.7. Personal data protection

RF undertakes to process personal data in accordance with the provisions of current legislation. Specifically, it undertakes to apply the provisions of L.O. 15/1999 of December 13 regarding Personal Data Protection in Royal Decree 1720/2007 of January 19, which approves the Regulation of LOPD (Organic Law of Data Protection) development and the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 of April 27, 2016.

Complete information on this subject is in the RF
Privacy Policy de RF.

1.8. Applicable legislation

Those established relationships shall be governed by the provisions of the legislation in force with respect to the applicable regulations and the competent jurisdiction, and the rules of the Spanish Legal System shall apply.

For those cases in which voluntary submission to a specific jurisdiction is possible, RF, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, will submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.