Special Assignments

Special Assignments


#suitability and #motivation

As a result of our specialization in “Recruitment”, we have become consultants to our Clients.

Recruitment of Talent and Human Capital sometimes results in strategic and organizational changes in companies. It is here that we become consultants to our Clients. We analyze their current structure, departments, work force, processes, positions, profiles, roles, responsibilities, performance and objectives.

In most cases, companies request our Consulting services to complement new hiring. Our objective, proficient and external perspective provides an analysis and diagnosis that improves organizational efficiency, while minimizing the risks of incorporating new staff.

In addition to in-depth research, we at Rest Forderest have proven professionals, experienced in “hands-on” projects aimed at implementing the proposed improvement plans and actions.

Special Assignments


#suitability and #motivation

At Rest Forderest, we understand that Research and Development can only be consolidated by finding the proper balance between the Infrastructures, the Legal Framework and the Human Capital needed.

The so-called Law of Science (Law 13/1986) on the Endorsement and General Coordination of Scientific and Technical Research, for example, was one of the building blocks for the construction of the current Research and Innovation System in Spain.

During the latest decade, fuelled by economic growth, significant funding has been infused in the system, resulting in thriving Research and Innovation departments at companies, research centers and laboratories.

To attain the above-mentioned balance, the most productive research factor is a non-technological factor: Human Capital. Recruiting the Best Talent in R + D + I at the national and international level is one of our strengths.

Since 2003, we have contributed to the hiring of the best specialists in Research, Research Management, Development, Technology Transfer, Project Management, Business Development, Scientific Quality, Intellectual Property, etc.

At Rest Forderest, we understand that investment in R+D+I include the recruitment of professionals with proven experience.

Rest Forderest can be your “Partner” in such an endeavor.

Special Assignments


#suitability and #motivation

In a competitive and changing environment, Alliances often represent a more efficient and profitable way of growing than focusing on internal development or the acquisition of new capabilities.

Defining, implementing and managing the development of an Alliance represent a series of challenges to the management team. While design is of great importance, proper operation is fundamental to success.

Managing an Alliance requires experience that is not always available in organizations. Its development involves risk and requires more time than firms are willing to invest to obtain the expected business results.

Through our Consulting in Corporate Alliances service, we collaborate in the success of our clients, assisting in the implementation of Alliances that lead to an increase in sales.

We complement their expertise and resources, both in the implementation and in the management of Alliances, minimizing the risk involved in initiating such a strategy.