At Rest Forderest, we offer highly personalized service for each of our Clients. We locate professionals that our Client feels he cannot find on his own. We work on exclusivity based on “Retained Search”. This guarantees that our work is not finished until we find the right candidate. We focus all our efforts in meeting the needs of our Client. The aspects of our service that make us stand out include:


When we carry out a service, we always find the right candidate. We can take as long as projected, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, but we don’t stop until our Client hires the Professional he requires.


We place great emphasis on understanding our Client’s corporate culture and the professional profile of the vacancy to be filled. We know that in order to find the right professional, we have to really know our Client’s business. That’s why we don’t search just any professional profile; we only search those in which we have experience. To do this, each of our services is led by a Partner that has professional experience in the area requested. We feel that if we understand the culture, the business model and the roles of professionals working in this sector, we will better understand the needs of our Client.


When we started our company over ten years ago, we gave special importance to the fact that all of our services be rendered in strict accordance with the methodology that would ensure success. We are only interested in successful outcomes. This led us to define a step by step search methodology that could be implemented in each operation for each Client, regardless of the Consultants and Partners that implemented it. We designed a computer database to manage the professionals we interview called “People Networking”, which currently hosts more than 15,000 individuals. We not only store resumés, but also classify the knowledge of each of these professionals so that, when we need it, it suggests a community of professionals that meet the needs of our Clients. Another of our tools is called the “Human Delivery Manager or HDM. It governs the delivery of our services under the guidelines of our established methodology.