Xavier Mocholí. Partner

 About us

Over ten years ago, three of us who had worked together for the same American software manufacturer more than 20 years ago met again. This company, with an American East Coast corporate culture, had quite progressive HR policies for its time. They were already talking about an open-door policy, management by objectives, formal and objective performance appraisals, principles of operation and so on.

This organization not only made us more passionate about technology but forged us as professionals. We realized that work there wasn’t divine punishment but that, as a result of an optimal work environment and close camaraderie, it was a component of our personal dreams. It in fact represented a challenge that motivated us to pursue our activities with the utmost commitment.

There we also learned another principle that has guided REST FORDEREST since its inception: How important it is for a professional to be the right person for the job he assumes. Right because his skills match the culture of the company he is working for; right because he is motivated and prepared to undertake the responsibility assigned to him, and right because he is led by another professional who values and respects him.

Since then, we have stopped talking about good or bad professionals, but prefer the term the “right” professional in our discourse. We have seen how professionals with great accomplishments in one organization were less successful in another in which their profile was not right.

We offer our services convinced and committed to these principles. We only accept requests from Clients that we believe we can carry out successfully. We locate professionals wherever they may be and whatever the cost that will successfully carry out the responsibilities entrusted to them. These are professionals who are highly motivated by new challenges and who are right for the culture and business of our Clients

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