Laura Sastre. Senior Consultant



As a candidate participating in a Rest Forderest search process, you will always receive a highly professional and personal treatment, managed in complete confidentiality.

The professional relationship with us is the beginning of a collaboration, which may extend to more than one search process and will provide you with a series of tangible benefits.

You will always be provided with a clear and detailed explanation of the most important characteristics and requirements of the position to be filled, based on our extensive personal experience as executives in relevant companies from a wide range of sectors. This broad experience also allows us to analyze with you the details of your career to conclude if they correspond to the requirements of the position available.

Beyond the experience outlined in your resumé, we work with you to identify your talents and any additional information that may be relevant in each case.

For a successful search process, it is important that expectations be met reciprocally. That is why at Rest Forderest, we believe it is very important to evaluate your reasons for a job change, frankly evaluating if your aspirations can be achieved in the search process initiated. This analysis optimizes the most effective use of your time and ours.

We are committed to always keeping you updated on the status of the recruitment process. If are not selected, we provide clear and constructive information as to the reasons why. If you are selected, we work to ensure that your assimilation in the new position runs smoothly and that the new post meets your professional and personal expectations.

We are professionals dealing with professionals. Our success lies in the ability to find the career opportunity that best meets the needs of our clients.


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